Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation
(available all year round)

Take the free Foundation Course, in English, on Thursdays at 7.00pm. Learn how to meditate using ancient knowledge from India – Raja Yoga. Courses are conducted in Cantonese every Monday evening at 7.00pm. Classes are available in Mandarin by arrangement.

This course consists of at least 5 'introductory' and 2 'intermediate' lessons. The meditation practice in based on the awareness of the spiritual nature of the self and becoming familiar with the mind, intellect and sub-conscious and the part they play in forming our character, nature and desires. Lessons are conducted for groups (usually six or more) and in certain cases for the individual, depending on availability of teachers.

The identity of the self as a peaceful 'being' is the foundation of Raja Yoga philosophy. Further topics explored in the Foundation Course include the nature of the Supreme, the significance of action (karma), and the cycle of birth and rebirth. The 'intermediate' lessons develop these ideas and looks at lifestyle options as part of a spiritual way of life.

In-house courses are conducted in meditation as well as specialised training courses. Intermediate classes are offered and deliver more in depth knowledge and experience in meditation and lifestyle.

It is recommended to begin the Foundation Course having a drug-free system prior to and for the duration of the course to maximise the opportunity for personal growth.