In all cultures, the New Year is traditionally a time for starting afresh, for cleaning up and discarding the old. It's especially a time for changing old habits and developing new ones. It is also a time for remembering those who are close to us and for celebrating the importance of the family.

Looking back on 2006, there is the sense that our physical and spiritual environments have become increasingly fragmented and fragile. The world is, more than ever before, in need of a healing touch. Because of a lack of compassion and understanding, people everywhere have focused on diversity and have forgotten just how much we all have in common. Communities and families have been divided and weakened. Many of us neglect to smile at each other and exchange greetings—simple gestures that acknowledge the dignity and value of each individual on this earth.

At this time, when messages of peace and goodwill are being disseminated throughout the world, we would like to add our voice and extend our good wishes to everyone, especially those in need of understanding and compassion.

In the business environment, cooperation, teamwork and good relationships ensure a strong and healthy organization. In the natural environment too, collective efforts bring strength and ensure the survival of the species. In 2007, let us focus our energies on strengthening our relationships with our neighbours and renewing friendships with our families. Let us nurture our young and create a sustainable world in which they can play a valuable part.

In this coming year, let us open our hearts and allow our lives to be touched by the Supreme Source of light and love, God. Let us make an effort to bring God's altruistic qualities into our lives: pure love, pure happiness and, most of all, pure peace and tranquillity.

May the New Year provide a platform for everyone to move forward without fear or recrimination; may it put hope in the hearts of those who are empty, tired and desperate; may those whose lives are full of anguish hear the choir of harmony.

On behalf of the Brahma Kumaris, I wish you a year of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. May love and light touch each of your hearts, removing darkness and bringing everlasting contentment.

Om Shanti
BK Janki


"...the time of light and day is coming and therefore never lose hope. Where there is hope there is courage and where there is courage there is God's help and the feeling that everything will turn out ok. If one has patience, one can always maintain hope...'

"...the task of youth is to stop fighting, have bravery and use that to benefit the world. Such young people can change the atmosphere wherever they go ..."

"...real love is that which does not deceive. Where there is true love our conscience alerts us and guides us and God becomes our companion..."

"...the cause of all illness is tension. We accummulate all types of sorrow and then keep looking at them. Heal the self with God's love and share with others to heal them also, have empathy and smile with each other. Listen to one another and hear what is in their heart. Keep the door of love open so that others can sit and talk. Healing happens with love and truth...'

- Dadi Janki, January 2006.


"Recent events in London and in the rest of the world show us how futile the cycle of violence is. They signal to us to remain constantly in God's remembrance so that we can be fearless and also careful in every step that we take. At such a time, it is essential to be in communion with God, and fill our hearts with God's love. Only then can we transform the hatred and anger that is in the hearts of human beings who have forgotten their humanity. Sharing the power of God's light and love with the world will enable the hearts of those who perpetrate violence to be transformed and the hearts of those who have suffered violence to be healed. With such hope, courage and strength we can help to bring peace to the world." - Dadi Janki, July 2005.


"...Nowadays people do not use the voice of their conscience. They can't hear it because they are lost in sufferings and worries. Because of pain, fears and worries they have lost this gift of conscience and cannot experience happiness. It is as if there is a treasure-store inside but we have lost the key. The intellect is locked. And seeing this atmosphere, the Supreme Being says, "Wake up and enable others to wake up". And for that take your consciousness beyond this world for some time and try to feel "what I have to do now". Give some time for meditation or self-contemplation. When we keep one God, the Supreme, in front of our vision, we are able to listen to the voice of our conscience and act accordingly..."

"...Money cannot buy true inner happiness and peace. All over the world people in rich countries are often not happy even though they have lots of money. True happiness comes through self-realisation, understanding God and practising what He says in our practical life..."

"...People are thirsty for true spirituality but they cannot find it because they are looking for it outside. Unless we go inside and understand the soul we cannot open our inner eye and therefore unable to understand what spirituality is..." - Dadi Janki - May 2004


At this time of upheaval, all souls of the world need our loving good wishes, pure feelings, prayers and meditations for peace. Human beings are instruments for war and so are also instruments for peace. The most powerful act we can do at this time is to create an atmosphere of peace through our thoughts and vibrations, not only in words. To do this we need God's power. Through our relationship with God we receive godly virtues that fill the soul with power. It is this that will make our actions elevated and our interactions filled with spirituality. We can then become true instruments of God to assist all souls of the world, regardless of their ideals or actions, to have the vision towards all as part of our human family, God's children. Our only wish is to uplift all and enable them to experience God's love and true peace. Only then can peace and calm return to our world
- Dadi Prakashmani, Dadi Janki, Dadi Gulzar, March 2003



Everyone desires peace and when we stop to think about it this means peace of mind as much as peace in the world. Indeed wars, violence and acts of anger all begin in the mind and so inner peace not only protects us from any peacelessness that may be around us but is also the foundation for lasting peace among people. Such inner peace is a reservoir of values, attitudes and thoughts, a state of mind in which there is self-respect, respect for others and their rights, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, responsibility and strength of character. Peace then is not just the absence of war or external hostility but also the absence of the seeds of such conflict, the anger, fear, hatred, discrimination and other such tendencies that so often lead to physical violence. As individuals endowed with conscience, reason and the capacity to think and choose, we are responsible for our own peace of mind. But such inner peace is also the seed for world peace and we must each strive for such personal peace if we wish to build a true culture of peace in the world around us, whether within our homes, families, communities, countries or global society as a whole. Bringing about such lasting peace requires a worldwide concerted movement for change in which each of us must play a part - so let us, one by one, day by day, thought by thought, start building such a culture of peace.

Affiliated to the UN Department of Public Information since 1980, and now in general consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council, the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University was given seven Peace Messenger Awards by the UN Secretary-General for its significant contribution to the International Year of Peace in 1986. During the International Year for a Culture of Peace, it held 56 launch events and 33 Flagship Events and collected 37 million signatures of Manifesto 2000. The Brahma Kumaris therefore welcomed the UN General Assembly’s resolution in 2001 that the International Day of Peace should be observed on the 21st September of each year and its invitation to all nations and people to honour a cessation of hostilities for the duration of the Day, observing it as day of global ceasefire and non-violence.

The idea of world peace is one that appeals to everyone and yet it seems to be the case that many people leave it others to do something about it. Indeed, much does need to be done by leaders and people in positions of power and authority if peace is to prevail on earth but there is always something that anyone can do to help make the world a better place, no matter how small that thought, word or action may seem. Developing our own peace of mind is an important part of the overall process and techniques such as reflection, meditation and prayer all help us to get in touch with our inner selves, with the inner world of thoughts and feelings, and support efforts to live the positive values that humanity holds dear. Each of us must learn to be peaceful as it will only take a few moments or anger or violence to destroy the peace that others, or indeed we ourselves, may have created.

So just as war, violence and conflict begin in the human mind, so also it is in our hearts and heads that the seeds of a peaceful, just and caring world must be planted if we are to see the fruit of these qualities in the world around us. This change in thinking, attitude and behaviour will not happen unless we become more aware of our inner selves, more reflective and introspective. Since its foundation in India in 1937, the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University has helped individuals of all walks of life to do precisely this, encouraging them to take a more spiritual perspective of life and reconnect with human values such as respect, responsibility, honesty, love, tolerance and peace.


“Sacred wisdom with a practical application - That is the vision of the Brahma Kumaris.” - THE DAILY MIRROR, UK

“Peace begins within – … a global peace movement which has won many United Nations awards brings its message back to personal action and attitude.” - KINDRED SPIRIT REVIEW, UK